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An updated version of EXCOL is now available

Welcome to the New Export Controls Online (New EXCOL) system. The previous EXCOL system has undergone a next generation upgrade and is now supported on the newest browser versions of Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox and Safari. Please note Internet Explorer 11 and older versions are no longer supported.

Please copy the link of your New EXCOL URL and add/favourite to your preferred browser (Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox and Safari) to go to the New EXCOL homepage.

Please use your existing GC Key or Partner user id and password to login to the New EXCOL. You will then be able to access all your information in the new system.

Please do not forget to bookmark the link of your New EXCOL homepage in your preferred browser.

Important: The new version of EXCOL represents changes to the information technology platform only; it does not constitute changes in export control policy or permit processing.